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Snow Days Turn Digital at More K-12 Schools with E-Learning

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Jan 06, 2015 @ 11:01 AM

Several forecasts, including the consistently reliable Farmer’s Almanac, predict a cold and snowy winter for much of the United States.

Do you remember wishing for a snow day so you could stay home from school and go sleigh riding with your friends? For many K12 students across the country, having a school-free day may no longer be an option thanks to e-learning!

An increasing number of school districts are using e-learning to keep class in session during inclimate SchoolClosingNotificationweather. There are many benefits to using e-learning for school administrators, teachers and students, including:

  1. Administrators Avoid Adding Makeup Days to School Calendars
  2. Teachers Can Continue with Lesson Plans as Scheduled
  3. Students Ask Questions More Freely in Online Settings

“Your curriculum continues without that time off and you’re not just putting days at the end of the year and trying to fill those days,” says Superintendent Sandra Weaver of the rural Metropolitan School District of Wabash County in Indiana, which used three e-learning snow days last school year.

For snow days, K-12 students can bring home the iPads they use at school. On those e-learning days, students log into the Learning Management System (LMS) to find their assignments, and teachers are at their home computers to answer questions via email, Weaver says.

In addition to this Indiana school district, school districts in Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia are also using e-learning on snow days.

Is your school looking to use e-learning to avoid unexpected school closures? Share your thoughts on our blog!

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