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Suffering from Low Email Open Rates? Your Subject Line May Be the Culprit

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jun 11, 2015 @ 10:06 AM

Anyone who has an email account can tell you: “I get so many emails that I only open the ones that pique my interest.” Even email marketers themselves can agree!
The subject line chosen is a huge part of this initial attraction. In fact, after successful delivery, your email marketing campaign’s subject line is the single most-important factor in getting your message opened by the recipient.
It’s really simple – an email marketing campaign that is never opened can never be read or clicked-through. That’s why organizations are paying closer attention to their subject lines and choosing them carefully.
The following are a few subject line pointers that could mean the difference between an email being read or trashed:EmailSubjectLine
Compel the Reader, Don’t Deceive – The email subject line needs to be something that sparks interest. A creative and compelling email subject line generates the highest open rates. But don’t deceive…CAN-SPAM established rules against misleading with a subject line.
Look at Subject Line Length – Although a recent report from Return Path indicated no real connection between subject line length and open rates, it’s still a factor that could influence the performance of YOUR email marketing campaigns. For example, consider all of the emails opened on mobile devices; your subject line will most definitely be clipped!
Don’t be Afraid to Test – As a matter of fact, email marketing will never be a one-size-fits-all mentality. You should test different variations of your subject line to see which has the greatest reception. Read more here.
With a carefully chosen email subject line, increase the likelihood that your message will be opened and read.
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