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Tackle Last-Minute Appointment Cancellations – 3 Tips for Healthcare Providers

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jan 05, 2017 @ 12:01 PM

Patient no-shows cause inconvenience and lost revenue for healthcare providers. While advance notice of a missed appointment is appreciated, sometimes it’s not enough to fill the appointment slot in time.

Does this issue affect your medical practice?

For healthcare providers struggling with last-minute no-shows and how to handle them, we’ve outlined three top tips you can consider:apptremindericon.png

1. Formalize Your Missed-Appointment Policy
Many patients admit that they simply forgot they had an appointment in the first place.  If no notice is given, or less notice than what you deem required, consider imposing a missed-appointment fee.  Just make sure patients are aware of this policy ahead of time.

2. Maintain a List of ‘Stand-by’ Patients
Chances are you’ll always have a group of patients that want to be seen ASAP.  Keep a patient list of these on stand-by so that they can be quickly called as soon as an open slot pops up on the calendar.

3. Have an Effective Appointment Reminder System
Not long ago, we learned from Medscape that patients are 40% more likely to miss their appointment if they don’t get an appointment reminder.  Implement an automated appointment reminder system! 

Here are some top considerations:

  • Send appointment reminders through multiple preferred communication channels.
  • Send multiple appointment reminders at different time increments.
  • Actively review reports to see who is receiving confirming their appointment.

Alert Solutions can get your medical practice up and running with appointment reminders regardless of which Patient Management System you use.

Download our Automated Appointment Reminder worksheet today to learn more.

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