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Take Full Advantage of Email Marketing This Holiday Season

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 03, 2015 @ 11:12 AM

Nearly 20% of online sales this holiday season can be directly attributed to email marketing; a huge reminder of the importance of email marketing campaigns this time of year.

The question is, are you planning to take advantage of email marketing before the holidays are history?

We’ve compiled a few of our most helpful tips to get you on the right track:

1. Understand the importance of mobile. The Washington Business Journal recently revealed that on this past “Black Friday”, 57% of shoppers used a smartphone or tablet to make their purchase.  Many of your email marketing messages will be opened on mobile devices this holiday season, too.  Ensure they appear properly for the best chance of conversion.holidayemailmarketing.png

2. Pay careful attention to your subject line. Not only will your subject line help your email marketing campaign stand out from the competition, it will get the message delivered to the inbox as well.  Avoid using certain keywords that could cause email to get caught in spam traps before the recipient can open it.

3. Be creative with seasonal HTML templates and graphics. What better time to roll out the colorful, festive banners and HTML templates you kept aside all year long?  Help your email subscribers get in the holiday spirit, but don’t go overboard:  an off-balance text-to-image ratio can detract from message content.

4. Send ‘smart’ email marketing messages. The temptation to over-send during the holiday season is nothing to be ashamed of, but you want to keep your email subscribers around for next year!  Reduce unsubscribes by keeping email frequency down and staying as relevant as possible.  Personalization also goes a long way in making your recipients feel special and valued by your organization.

There’s more!  Alert Solutions has put together some additional resources to help your email messages stand out in the inbox. 

Download our Holiday Email Marketing Best Practice Kit to get the most out of email marketing this holiday season!

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