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Teacher Appreciation Week: We Appreciate YOU!

Posted by Nina Caliri on Thu, May 02, 2019 @ 09:05 AM

Thank You - Teacher AppreciationTeachers should always be appreciated.  Being an educator is an extremely demanding and important career, as it is teachers who play a large role in shaping for the futures of their students. They must understand certain subject matters, curriculum, and school standards as well as form connections and encourage students to succeed. For this reason there is a full week dedicated to showing teachers how much we appreciate them!

Great Schools put together a list of several characteristics that make a wonderful teacher:

  • They set high expectations for all students
  • They’re always prepared and organized
  • They engage students and get them to see issues from several perspectives
  • They form strong relationships with their students and show them they care about them
  • They’re experts of their subject matter
  • They keep open lines of communication with parents and guardians

With all the characteristics that make an amazing teacher, it’s up to the students and parents to make Teacher Appreciation Week one to remember!

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas: Celebrate Your Teachers

  1. Appreciation Gifts
    A great way to celebrate your teachers is through considerate gifts. These could be flowers, chocolate, gift cards to their favorite store or breakfast spot, or jewelry. Making your gift meaningful by personalizing it can really show your teacher how much you care and respect them.

  2. A Thoughtful Letter
    Nothing says appreciation like writing it out in words. Younger students can make cards and draw pictures and older students can type or write up an honest letter of their appreciation. Earth Networks suggests students should “Make sure to highlight a specific instance when your teacher really helped you through a problem or helped you learn a difficult concept. Remember, some of the most important lessons teachers pass down to students aren’t academic lessons but life lessons.”

  3. Classroom Supplies
    Public school teachers often use their own money to buy classroom supplies such as paper, crayons, markers, etc. Consider working with classmates to raise money to purchase more supplies for your teacher! Not only is this thoughtful and something your teacher may not expect, but it also takes a significant financial burden off them as well.

  4. Class “Thank You” Book
    Earth Networks brings this great idea as something to present to educators during Teacher Appreciation Week. “This gift is the perfect place to have each student thank their teacher for teaching them something throughout the year.” One of the most touching gifts a teacher can receive.

  5. A Note From Parents
    A teacher is a partner and an ally to parents and guardians. With teachers spending the majority of the week with students, parents rely on them to keep them informed, address concerns, and be a great influence on their child. School administrators can work with parents to put together a nice letter or note for Teacher Appreciation Week by sending a message home through a school notification platform, such as SwiftK12. You can keep this under wraps and encourage parents to write a kind note to bring in and surprise teachers with.

At Alert Solutions we work with K-12 schools and districts, both large and small, across the country and around the globe. We know the hard work that goes into being a great teacher, and appreciate all that they do. 

We want to help you show your appreciation for your teachers! Contact us today.

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