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Teacher Retention Rates – Is K-12 School Climate a Factor?

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Nov 29, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

Researchers from Brown University surveyed 100 middle school teachers in New York City and found only 85 were expected to return to the same school the next year – that’s a 15% turnover rate. Why?

Well, many teachers say school climate has a huge impact on their decision to stay at a school or not, which consists of:parentteacher1.jpg

  • Student Academic Expectations
  • School Safety
  • Professional Development Opportunities

K-12 schools are more likely to have high teacher retention rates if school administrators:

1. Encourage Professional Development
Effective teachers stay when they are led by school administrators that promote professional development. Encouraging teacher collaboration and focusing on individualized coaching can produce results.

2. Increase School Safety
In less than a generation, k-12 schools have entered a complex world of new security concerns. Not only do teacher work better in an environment where they feel safe, students can concentrate on learning! Make sure you’re school has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in place and teacher, school administrators, students and parents are aware of it.

3. Improve Student Academic Achievement
Parent engagement is a huge factor in a student’s academic success. Teachers play a vital role in engaging parents through effective communication. Studies prove teacher-family communication immediately increases student engagement as measured by homework completion rates and class participation. Be sure to provide teachers the parent communication tools they need.

A healthy school climate promotes productive teachers and goal-oriented students. Do you agree?

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