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The Relationship Between School Bullying and Academic Achievement

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Feb 03, 2015 @ 11:02 AM

Bullying continues to be a hot topic among school administrators, parents and teachers. Both the United States and Canada have created anti-bullying legislation to help school combat this growing issue.We frequently blog about the topics of bullying and cyberbullying as well!

Research on school bullying, student intimidation and school violence demonstrates the negative impact of bullying on student achievement, dysfunctional behavior and mental health issues later in life.        

Demonstrating a direct link between bullying prevention programs and changes in student achievement is problematic because of the large number of variables related to academic performance. However, the documented effects of bullying on student achievement make a compelling argument for the value of these bullying prevention programs.

Below are some examples of research reports documenting to relationship between school bullying and a variant of academic, social and mental health issues:bullyingdepression

Smokowski and Kopasz
This research literature concluded bullying has both short-term and long-term consequences for both the victim and the bully. Victims may suffer from low self-esteem, loneliness, depression, absenteeism and academic difficulties.

Eisenberg and Neumark-Sztainer
This study found bullying is negatively influenced a student’s connection to school and academic achievement. Students who are bullied are more likely to miss school, which in turn causes students to miss out on educational opportunities.

There is also substantial research showing that bullying prevention programs can reduce school bullying, increase student sense of school safety and increase their attachment to school.

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