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St. Patrick’s Day Lessons: Your Students are Lucky!

Posted by Nina Caliri on Thu, Mar 14, 2019 @ 10:03 AM

Top of the mornin’ to you! As we’re sure you already know, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Every year St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th, the anniversary of the death of the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick. This holiday has been observed on this day by Irish families for over 1,000 years.

Who Was Saint Patrick?

According to, Saint Patrick lived during the fifth century and is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He was born in Roman Britain and at just 16 years old he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave. After escaping, he returned to Ireland and is credited with bringing Christianity to its people. shares “In the centuries following Patrick’s death the mythology surrounding his life became ever more ingrained in the Irish culture: Perhaps the most well-known legend is that he explained the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) using the three leaves of a native Irish clover, the shamrock.”

Educators are consistently looking for ways to engage their students, but also provide important lessons and knowledge. Holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day are the perfect way to do so. This year the holiday falls on a Sunday, which makes celebrating in K-12 schools difficult. We suggest continuing the celebration on Monday, March 18th.

Boy With Four Leaf Clover St Patrick's Day

You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of 4 great ideas that several K-12 schools have incorporated into their classrooms for St. Patty’s. These include informative lessons on Irish culture, history, and traditions, as well as fun activities promoting teamwork and creativity. Bring the luck of the Irish into your school and share the excitement with your students, fellow faculty, and parents at home with a quick and easy school notification or digital newsletter.

4 St. Patrick’s Day Themed Lessons for Your Students

  1. History of Irish Writers
    There are several incredible Irish born authors including W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw. Try sharing history on these authors, or encouraging your students to think about how these writers’ Irish heritage influenced their writing. For younger students consider looking at classic Irish folklore.

  2. Potato Science Project & Irish Potato Famine History
    Potatoes are a big part of Irish history, so incorporate them in your lesson! TeachHub suggests growing a potato in a jar of water so young students can see the root system. For older students they recommend “growing several potatoes in a variety of solutions – plain water, water with fertilizer, water with bleach, etc. – and see which grows best.” You can also teach your students the history of the Irish Potato Famine as a St. Patrick’s Day lesson as it is controversial and related to World History, American History, and Government.

  3. Celtic Knot History & Tutorial
    This is a fun St. Patrick’s Day themed art project teachers could cover in the classroom. There is a lot of history behind Celtic Europe outlined here. National Education Association also encourages teachers to use this great resource – a tutorial on the introduction to knot work construction. “This tutorial covers basic interlacing techniques, simple border and panel construction, analysis of existing patterns, interlaced corners, more advanced patterns (such as “doubled” knots), and provides links to other, advanced sources for your further research.”

  4. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt
    Encourage your students to hunt for gold!
    We Are Teachers recommend getting your students up and moving with this free printable scavenger hunt. “You can time the hunt, create groups, or even conduct the activity outdoors. To extend the activity, you might have your students decorate old tissue boxes as treasure chests in which they can store their findings.”

At Alert Solutions we strive to bring interesting and different ideas to teachers to help engage students. We certainly hope these 4 St. Patrick’s Day lessons come in handy! Working with K-12 schools and districts across the country, and internationally, we believe being a resource to our customers is one of the components that makes us a wonderful company to work with.

Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for the Classroom: Time to Get Crafty!

Posted by Nina Caliri on Mon, Feb 11, 2019 @ 09:02 AM

The famous ‘Hallmark’ Holiday is just around the corner; Valentine’s Day! Although widely celebrated across the world among romantic partners, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show your students they’re loved and appreciated. Engaging classroom activities often bring students closer to one another, and closer to school staff. Plus, what is more fun than the hands-on approach of making something special with care?

Valentines Day Craft

By definition, hands-on learning is the process of learning by doing, and having a collaborative learning approach has wonderful benefits for both students and faculty.  Some of the many benefits include: increase in student retention, improvement of oral communication skills, and the positive development of social interaction skills.

It’s great to encourage classrooms to get hands on with Valentine’s Day crafts instead of simply passing out store bought cards and extra sweet candies. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help teachers bring their Valentine’s Day a-game.  Some of the below ideas do require craft supplies.

4 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts

  1. A-Doh-able Creations
    Play-Doh is a staple Valentine’s Day Craft! You simply cannot go wrong. These fun creations last much longer than candy does, and they also promote play. Education World lists this idea as a great activity that stimulates social emotional learning in expressing happiness through art. Your students would be sharing several colors and ideas, which also helps with communication and friendships between them.

  2. Valentine’s Day Heart Leis
    A different but exciting idea Makenzie suggests is making heart-shaped leis. They do not require a ton of expensive craft supplies, making it a perfect simple classroom craft! Spread Valentine’s cheer by threading together small stock-paper hearts on colorful yarn (similar to a macaroni necklace). In-depth instructions on how to make this idea a reality can be found here.

  3. Colorful Heart Garland Crafts
    Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classroom with some colorful heart garlands! This low-cost craft is a fantastic way to decorate your classroom. You could use doily hearts or cut out your own hearts from construction paper and string them together to hang on your desk, in the windows, or across bulletin boards. Education World encourages teachers to have their students personalize these hearts with their name and a sweet Valentine’s Day message.

  4. Valentine’s Day Love Family Trees
    There’s no better way to visually remind your family members that they’re special than creating a Valentine’s Day Love Tree! One Creative Mommy shares this delightful idea, which is easy for teachers to replicate in the classroom. Have your students trace their arm to create the trunk of the Love Tree, cut out paper hearts for the leaves, and write why they love each family member. This thoughtful craft is perfect for students to bring home to their families, which in turn could promote parent involvement.

There is no shortage of ways to spread love in your classroom this year with these 4 simple Valentine’s Day crafts for the classroom.

At Alert Solutions we appreciate everything teachers do for their students, and like to provide fun and creative ideas to make learning hands-on and delightful.  Remind students and parents about Valentine’s Day activities with your school notification system, to ensure everybody can enjoy and be crafty.

Are you ready to fall in love with SwiftK12? Contact us today!

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Alert Solutions Wishes You a Happy New Year!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 29, 2016 @ 10:12 AM

Everyone at Alert Solutions would like to wish you a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous
New Year!  We would also like to thank our customers for their continued loyalty and support.ASINewYear.png

We accomplished a lot in 2016 and have many exciting things in store for 2017!

Our offices will be closed on Monday, January 2nd in celebration of the New Year.  If you need customer support, please contact us at (800) 929-1643 or by email at

Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays from Everyone at Alert Solutions!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 22, 2016 @ 10:12 AM

Happy Holidays from all of us at Alert Solutions! ASIHolidayLogo.png

Our offices will be closed on Monday, December 26th.  If you need customer support, please contact us at (800) 929-1643 or email

Happy Holidays!

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Engage Your Subscribers this Holiday Season with SMS Text Messaging - 4 Tips

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 10:12 AM

This is crunch time for businesses looking to engage last-minute holiday shoppers.  With only 10 days until Christmas, your list of SMS text messaging subscribers could be the most direct and responsive segment.

Why the most direct and responsive?  Over 90% of SMS text messages are read within minutes of delivery!

For businesses looking to increase conversions and engagement before the holiday season passes by, check out the following last-minute SMS text messaging tips:holidaysmscampaign.png

1. Point Them to Other Marketing Campaigns.
SMS text messaging is a great tool for getting information out fast.  With high open rates, it’s the quickest way of directing subscribers to other marketing channels or promotions as desired.  For example, send a tracking link for a product page on your website or request email addresses for a coupon code.

2. Make Your Target Audience Feel Special.
90% of SMS loyalty program subscribers find their subscription valuable, Digital Marketing Magazine said.  Keep up this momentum with special offers that only your mobile marketing list can receive via SMS text messaging.  If an offer can be retrieved without opting-in by mobile number, what’s the point?

3. Pick The Right Send-Time.
Send-time is absolutely a contributing factor in mobile marketing campaign success.  Though there’s not a lot of time before the holiday season is over, you’ll still want to be careful about how and when to send your SMS text messages. 

BONUS Alert Solutions Tip! Segment by time zone.

4. Nurture for Year-Round Loyalty.
Why stop engaging after the New Year?  TotalRetail reminds us to leverage SMS text messaging to initiate deeper relationships with subscribers for better engagement and loyalty – all year round.

With careful planning, there’s still time to engage those last minute holiday shoppers.

Want more tips?  Download the Alert Solutions Guide to SMS Text Messaging!

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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Happy Thanksgiving from Alert Solutions!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Nov 24, 2016 @ 08:11 AM

All of us at Alert Solutions would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!ASIThanksgiving.png

Our offices will be closed on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th.  If you need emergency support, please contact us at (800) 929-1643 or email

Thanksgiving Fun Fact:  According to the National Turkey Federation, over 95% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  

But why?  It was the most plentiful meat for the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and the tradition has carried on!

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3 Thanksgiving Resources for K-12 Schools

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in Canada and the United States. It is traditionally a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general.

Here are a few fun facts:

  • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the eagle.
  • Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.
  • Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first meal in space after walking on the moon was roasted turkey.

To help teachers and k-12 school administrators teach about the tradition of Thanksgiving, here are three resources from Education World:

1. The Great Thanksgiving Listen
This annual national education projects helps high school students to create an oral history of the contemporary United States by recording an interview with an elder over Thanksgiving. The idea is to preserve the voices of different generations using the unity that holidays bring.

2. Books That Celebrate Thanksgivingturkey.jpg
What better way to teach about a topic that to read about it! Click here for a list of 10 books that are perfect for k-12 students in elementary school.

3. Educational Videos
K-12 school administrators and teachers can use informative videos in the classroom. These short videos are a great way to grab attention and educate students without taking up too much time.

What does your k-12 school to educate students about Thanksgiving? Let us know!

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Perfect Your SMS Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Season

Posted by Nina Caliri on Thu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 13:11 PM

The holiday season is usually one of the busiest seasons for brands and consumers alike. Consumers are always looking for promotions or sales and are willing to spend money when they come across a good deal.

A great way to engage your target audience and reach them directly is by leveraging SMS marketing. Here are some of the benefits of SMS text messaging:mobilepromo.jpg

  • SMS text messages have a very high open rate. Nearly 98% of SMS text messages are read within 15 minutes!
  • Since SMS text messages have a character limit of 160, SMS marketing campaigns tend to have more precise information.

Like any other marketing campaign, SMS marketing needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here are 3 tips to ensure you’re prepared for the holiday season:

1. Structuring Your SMS Text Messaging Content
Always put the most important part of your content in the beginning of the SMS text message. This will grab their attention right away!

2. Leveraging Your Current Marketing Communication Channels
Your email marketing campaign list is a great way to introduce your SMS marketing campaign. You can easily encourage email marketing subscribers to sign up to receive SMS text messages.

3. Building an Exclusive Opt-In SMS Marketing List
Telling a consumer they’re part of an ‘exclusive group’ makes them feel special and valued. Ask your target audience to join an Exclusive SMS Program and send them promotions that are only available via SMS text messaging.

Are you planning on incorporating SMS text messaging in your marketing strategy this holiday season? Let us know!

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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Now’s the Time! Plan Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Oct 27, 2016 @ 10:10 AM

With less than one month until Black Friday, email marketers aren’t wasting any time preparing their holiday email marketing strategies. 

But wasn’t it just summer?!  We know how you feel…

Nevertheless, an early jumpstart on holiday email marketing campaigns will have them in good shape and ready to send off by winter. To help, we’ve put together 3 questions to evaluate in the planning stages:

1. What Offer(s) Will You Promote in Your Email Marketing Campaigns?
Email marketing recipients will be interested to see your best holiday offers and discounts. Exclusive sales could keep you top-of-mind, build loyalty and turn holiday customers into repeat buyers all year round.

2. When Will You Send Your Email Marketing?holidayemailmarketing.png
Inbox competition will be tough – especially around the holiday season.  Your emails will be in-line with many others, making send time is an important consideration.  HubSpot says that emails sent on weekends enjoy high open and click rates.  The same is true for email marketing campaigns sent during week night evenings.

3. Who Will Receive Your Email Marketing Campaigns? 
List segmentation and marketing relevance is just as important for your holiday email marketing campaigns as any other time of year.  You want to present recipients with offers that make them think you understand their wants and preferences.  Take extra time now to thoughtfully segment your list.

BONUS TIP: Don’t procrastinate!  Start putting together your holiday email marketing campaigns now so you’re ready to relax when the holidays come.

Alert Solutions’ Holiday Email Marketing Best Practice Kit has many other tips and tricks you can read early-on.

Download the Best Practice  Guide Today!

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Happy Holidays from Alert Solutions!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 24, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

ASIHoliday.pngHappy Holidays from all of your friends at Alert Solutions! 

Our offices will be closed on Friday, December 25th.  If you need emergency support, please contact us at (800) 929-1643 or email

Happy Holidays!

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