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July is National Anti-Boredom Month: What Have You Done to Stay Busy?

Posted by Nina Russo on Fri, Jul 26, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

July is coming to an end, and so is National Anti-Boredom Month.  For adults and children alike, boredom can strike at any time.  At work, school or home, there are times when your mind can become unutilized.  You may not even notice it happens.  Especially during summer vacation time, when students do not have school and academic related activities to fill their day, boredom can become a more noticeable issue.

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Here are some summer activities that children can use to fight the boredom and indulge in National Anti-Boredom Month:

  • Wacky WorkoutLearn a new sport that is out of the ordinary, such as disc golf or parkour.  This will not only cure boredom, but allow for some exercise as well.

  • Backyard CampingPitch a tent and invite some friends to tell ghost stories and have a “outdoors experience” right at home.

  • Game NightBreak out some board game classics, such as Monopoly, Yahtzee or Candy Land.  This will also allow for some quality time with family or friends.

  • Scrapbooking Take items, photos, etc. from this summer and create a scrapbook.  This will relieve the boredom and also help keep great memories.

How have you stayed busy during Anti-Boredom Month?  Do you have any anti-boredom tips? Share your thoughts on our blog!

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