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The Real Benefits of Using Automated Patient Notifications

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 @ 10:06 AM

Healthcare providers are busy and so are their office staff members.  With so much happening each business day, it’s challenging to keep in touch with all patients between their office visits.

That’s why medical practices are relying on automated patient notifications to keep up the momentum. Besides consistent patient communication, other benefits include:

  • Less Patient No-Shows
    Patient no-shows represent the most significant loss of revenue to healthcare providers – up to $200.00 per appointment depending on specialty!  Automated appointment reminders are being used to keep the schedule full.  Automated appointment reminders can even be used to help recall patients if they do miss their appointment.
  • Higher Patient Engagementautopatientreminder.png
    Unfortunately, up to 80% of self-care medical mistakes are blamed on poor patient engagement.  But automated patient notifications help reverse the statistic by reminding patients to take their medicine or check their vital signs, as an example. 
  • Lower Outstanding Balances
    Collections are a concern for all organizations, let alone medical offices.  With automated patient notifications like collection reminders, office staff can remind patients of overdue balances without being too intrusive or aggressive. 
  • More Office Efficiency
    Think of how much extra time will be had without calling tomorrow’s appointments or stuffing envelopes with memos.  See how one medical practice drastically increased their efficiency in adopting automated patient notifications.

Did you know?  Your practice can also use automated patient notifications for lab result notifications, wellness reminders, and patient satisfaction surveys. The benefits are limitless!

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