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Property Managers - Tackle These 6 Summer Property Maintenance Chores Now

Posted by Tara Gibson on Thu, Jul 26, 2018 @ 10:07 AM

If your job is property management, you need to remember the clock is ticking in terms of property maintenance for the season.


Not only can the heat cause wear and tear to yards and buildings, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you wait until colder weather before finally addressing key issues. And the availability of area labor could be another issue.

“Summertime offers favorable weather for all sorts of projects, yet it is also a busy season for most contractors,” notes “Make sure you conduct the necessary research, budgeting and coordination before the sidewalk starts to show from underneath the snow.”

Consider tackling these property maintenance tasks now to get ahead of the game:

  1. Clear Out Gutters
    Pull together your blowers, rakes and brooms so you can take care of debris now, before falling leaves compound the problem. You might also invest in spout screens or gutter caps to help prevent future issues.\

  2. Evaluate Driveways, Walkways and Patios
    Seek signs of cracking, chipping, crumbling or holes. Use stone filler or wood putty for minor issues and hire a contractor for major ones.

  3. Monitor Windows and Doors
    Leaked air along doorways, windows, foundations and other seams could stress your AC now and your heaters later. Weather stripping, caulking and/or replacements may be necessary. A certified technician could conduct energy audits, including blower door tests, to identify such leaks.

  4. Eliminate Pests
    Look for signs of pest problems such as gaps in foundations, displaced materials, scurrying sounds, swarming, sagging floors and ceilings, termite excrement, chewed-off wings, odors and/or the mud tubes built by insects to facilitate movement. If you suspect a major infestation, call in a professional.

  5. Clean Chimneys
    Fireplace flues and liners should be swabbed out annually to prevent ash and soot build-up.
  6. Communicate Improvements with Tenants
    Do yourself a favor by ensuring your tenants know about any ongoing projects, including timelines and expected outcomes. By keeping an open line of tenant communication, property managers and the property maintenance service team can address problems with tenants that might otherwise lead to an empty unit.

Property management is a 24/7 job. By planning ahead, you should be able to wrap up many of your important tasks before the weather turns. Happy summer!

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Delinquency Dilemma? 6 Tips for Reducing Late Rent Payments

Posted by Tara Gibson on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 18:03 PM

If you’re in the business of rental properties, you’re likely well aware of its advantages and challenges.  

The property management industry can be lucrative, and demand is healthy. As of 2016, 35 percent of U.S. residents were living in rental housing, and a Forbes article points to 6 to 8 percent growth in rental prices over the past several

At the same time, late rent payments can be a serious problem for property managers. In fact, a recent study found 35 percent of Americans with credit records have been reported to credit agencies for nonpayment of rent, credit card charges, medical fees or other debts.

Fortunately, property managers can take several steps to reduce their chances of chronically late rent payments. Before tenants move in, preventatives might include the following:

  • Scrupulous Screening - Complete due diligence by setting income standards, running credit checks, checking prior landlord references, confirming employment, etc.
  • Preemptive Rent Payment Due Dates - Anticipate tenant issues ahead of time and set the rent payment deadline for a week or more before you really need the money to meet your own financial obligations.
  • Automatic Tenant Reminder Systems - Tools like Alert Solutions allow you to automatically send tenants reminders via text, email and/or phone, letting them know their rent payment date is coming up or has already passed. That helps ensure good tenant communication and saves you from many of the necessary awkward conversations when rent payments are late.
  • Electronic Rent Payments - In this digital age, many tenants find it much easier to simply send their rent online rather than writing a check, finding an envelope and stamp and locating a mailbox. Seek out an efficient property management software that can process online payments while taking care of many other administrative tasks.

Once tenants move in, landlords might consider:

  • Ongoing Tenant Communication with the Chronically Late - If you notice consistently late rent payments from certain tenants, reach out to them, listen to their reasons and consider solutions. Some tenants may need slightly different payment schedules according to when they’re paid, when they receive child support, etc.
  • Enforced Late Rent Payment Fees - Chances are your lease agreements stipulate when and how late rent payment fees will be enforced, but you haven’t always enforced them. If tenants are starting to take advantage of that leniency by surpassing deadlines — sometimes it’s human nature to disregard a rule that’s never enforced — you may need to be stricter about adding such fees. Just be sure you enforce the rules fairly and consistently among all tenants.

Late rent payments can put a serious dent in your ability to turn a profit on your rental properties. Call Alert Solutions at 800-929-1643 to learn more about how our tenant communication system can help keep tenants informed.

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