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Creating an SMS Marketing Campaign? Don’t Forget a Short Code!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 09:02 AM

SMS text messaging is a powerful communication method for organizations.  It’s a direct channel to subscribers’ mobile phones and, with 90% of messages read within minutes of delivery, the fastest way to get your message received.

Regardless of what the SMS text message conveys, organizations increasingly rely on short codes to send out their SMS marketing campaigns. Here’s why:smsshortcode-1.png

1. Short codes can be shared or dedicated. Either or, they both have benefits.  This flexibility allows organizations to choose the best option based on their budget, timeline and availability.

2. They are more easily remembered than long codes. With a short code, subscribers can more easily associate your identity over time by remembering a simple short code rather than a long (10-digit) code.  This helps with branding and reputation.

3. Messages sent by short codes have better deliverability. Mobile phone carriers have to vet and approve short codes for use over their networks.  Because of all this time, effort and licensing, SMS text messages sent this way are more trusted and likely to be delivered to recipients.

4. They make your SMS marketing campaign more reputable. Consumers are used to receiving all sorts of text messages.  A short code will make your SMS marketing campaign appear more credible, causing less people to opt-out.

Always Keep in Mind:  SMS text messaging is regulated by the FCC’s TCPA to protect individuals from unwanted and intrusive SMS text messages.  You need consent from each recipient in order to send out a SMS marketing campaign.

Learn more about how Alert Solutions can help you get started with SMS marketing.  Download our brochure today!

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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Create an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign: Here’s 5 Tips

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jun 02, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

SMS text messaging remains one of the most common ways to keep in touch. 

Need proof?  8.6 trillion SMS text messages are sent each year all around the world.  This includes 6 billion in the United States alone, per day.

If you’ve already been launching SMS marketing campaigns, or you’re thinking about starting one, consider the following helpful tips:

#1: Promote your ability to send SMS text messages.  Although you will need explicit consent from each recipient in order to send a mass SMS text message, many businesses struggle to grow their mobile marketing lists simply because their customers aren’t aware of it.  Let them know!

Bonus tip! Incentivize your audience with exclusive offers only available to mobile subscribers.

#2: Pay attention to your CRM.  Your CRM (customer relationship management) systemcellphone.png has useful information about your audience and past interactions or sales history.  Leverage this information to help with list segmentation.  The more relevant your message is to each recipient, the less likely they’ll consider your message spam.

#3: Send messages at the right time.  Timing is everything in an effective SMS marketing campaign.  Sending too early or too late could cause your recipients to get a bad impression.  Keep in mind the local time of each recipient, also.

#4: Don’t elaborate too much.  Your SMS marketing message should be short, sweet, and 160 characters or less.  Anything more could cause your text message to truncate and send as two text messages, possibly causing confusion or miscommunication.

#5: Decide between a dedicated or a shared short code.  A short code is much more recognizable than a standard, 10-digit number. The question is, dedicated or shares?  There are benefits to each, so your own unique needs will dictate which type of short code is best.  Get more information here.

With some careful planning, you can create your most effective SMS marketing campaign yet.  Download our SMS Text Guide today to learn even more about Alert Solutions’ SMS capabilities.

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

Topics: SMS text messaging, SMS Best Practices, mobile marketing, short code

Using a Short Code for Your Next Mobile Campaign? Read This First!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 12:02 PM

Businesses love sending out mobile campaigns with short codes. They are easily remembered, help to establish brand identity, and can be exclusive if dedicated to one organization.

But they may not be as easy as they look.

Starting a mobile campaign via short code requires a lot of preparation. The short code needs to be procured and licensed. And because of the level of intrusiveness, the legalities surrounding mobile campaigns are stricter than other messaging channels. Businesses need to be fully aware of these laws.

Short code compliance standards put in place by mobile carriers also need to be met:

Opt-in requirements*
Just as in traditional mobile campaigns, you cannot send unsolicited SMS text messages from short codes. You must have consent from each recipient:smsshortcode
  • Mobile opt-in – (when your short code receives an opt-in request directly from a mobile phone)
A double opt-in process is recommended, so that you can confirm the subscribers’ intent. The confirmation should describe the nature of the mobile campaign and the message frequency.
  • Non-Mobile opt-in – (when a recipient provides their mobile phone number, such as through a landing page)
A double opt-in process is required. The confirmation should follow a similar flow as described above.
Mobile carriers require your short code mobile campaign to accommodate HELP and STOP requests:
  • HELP - A HELP response should describe the nature of the mobile campaign, a support line and the message frequency.
  • STOP - A STOP request, or opt-out request, must be handled promptly. An opt-out confirmation must be sent to the recipient and no more SMS text messages may be sent.

*The above pertains to short codes used in the United States. For information about using an international short code, please contact us for more details.

To learn more about our SMS text messaging capabilities, download our SMS text messaging brochure.

Topics: compliance, SMS text messaging, SMS Best Practices, mobile marketing, short code

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