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Want a More Successful SMS Text Messaging Campaign? Try These 4 Tips

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Oct 06, 2016 @ 10:10 AM

The unique benefit of SMS text messaging campaigns is that they produce a very high open rate – over 90%!  In fact, most are read within minutes of delivery according to Juniper Research.

To help get the best possible SMS text message on the screens of your mobile subscribers, there are a variety of SMS best practices out there.  Today, we’ll discuss even more great tips. 

Take a look:

Tip #1: Choose a Dedicated or Shared Short CodeMobileMarketing.png
Short codes are easily remembered and can provide better brand recognition for your organization.  If you provision one, you’ll need to decide between a dedicated code or a shared code.  Find the pro’s and con’s of each here.

Tip #2: Clearly Identify Yourself
The purpose of the SMS text message and who it’s from shouldn’t come into question.  If it’s not clear and concise, you could risk some subscribers opting-out of your mobile list altogether.

Tip #3: Include a Link
With only 160 characters available per message, SMS text messages are more urgent, direct and personal than other marketing channels.  Including a link in your campaign can get recipients to click-through to a landing page with more information about your content.

Tip #4: Make Your Mobile Subscribers Feel Exclusive
Offer special content and promotions to mobile subscribers only.  Not only will this help your list feel special, but prompt more of your audience to opt-in to your mobile marketing messages also.

Because of the level of intrusiveness in mobile marketing, organizations need to be especially careful before sending out one of these campaigns.  Read compliance information here.

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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